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I'm engaged, now what?

Where do you start? In the whirlwind of saying I do and celebrating with your family and friends, it can be overwhelming where to start the planning process. Below are our recommended steps to start planning your dream wedding.

  1. Set a budget

You need to find out who is going to contribute to your wedding. Maybe one or all parents plan to contribute, maybe you will pay for it on your own. Once your budget is established, you can move forward with the wedding process.

2. Planning your guest size

Based on your budget, determine your guest count. Guests can add up quickly, it may be helpful to group guests into A, B and C. With this guest range in mind, you can identify venues that can support your guest count.

3.Select your wedding date and venue

If you have a specific date in mind, this may limit your venue options. If you are open to dates, you may be able to expand your options. Somethings to consider when picking a time of year, consider the flowers in season, if you have your heart set on peonies, a December wedding isn’t ideal. Weather is another factor, umbrellas to protect guests from the sun and heaters or tents to protect them in the colder months may need to be considered in the budget.

4. Hire a wedding professional

If you’re considering bringing a planner on board, do some research. The venue or websites like Wedding Wire have plenty of references for you to feel confident in your decision. It is important that you feel supported and can trust the vendors you hire to make your vision come true.


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