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The Process --- "I will" to "I do"

Here's how we'll get there.

My process is tailored to fit the needs of each couple I work with. Half the fun is in the planning so the very first thin we'll do is sit down over coffee + yummy dessert for a consultation to discover your vision for the day!

From there I'll guide you through the process and help you find the perfect vendors to fit the day. One of the best parts of working with a professional planner is access to the best vendors to bring your vision to life and exclusive relationships with them. You'll be in the very best of hands.

Once I have your vision, we'll work to coordinate every time detail to perfection. I'll take care of everything behind the scenes so that you can make sure you enjoy ever minute of your special day!

You'll have a professional planner to keep you on schedule and a coordinator to ensure every moment is executed perfectly.

Oh and did I mention, we'll have an amazing time planning it all together?!

So lets get this party started. Send an email my way and we'll schedule your free consolation.

Email me at


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